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We defend your world

Criminal defence is our passion. We advise and represent both individuals and companies, whether it be in a preventive capacity or as defence counsel. And of course we assist crime victims in obtaining justice.

We combine enthusiasm with experience and expertise. Our approach is to take nothing at face value and to always question even what seem to be immutable truths. Nothing is set in stone as far as we're concerned and we can be very tenacious if need be. That's our strategy for a successful defence. Criminal defence is about challenging and opposing the state's monopoly on violence.

  • White-collar criminal law

    Energetic, understanding, innovative – we advise, defend and assist individuals and entities.

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  • Criminal tax law

    Forward-looking, strategic, focussed – we represent your interests beyond the criminal litigation.

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  • International and European criminal law

    Efficient, authentic, direct – that's our approach to defending and advising clients in cross-border litigation.

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Back then we were out to save the world

Today we're saving the world of our clients

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